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Connection II Series (Low Capacity)
Connection II Series (Medium Capacity)
AirPair 11-38 GHz Ethernet
AirPair Applications
6-38 GHz FibeAir 1500 Family
60 GHz FibeAir 10060
FibeAir 4800 Family
FibeAir 3200T
FibeAir IP-MAX
Connection II Series (IP)
Connection III (IP Traffic Backhaul)
60GHz Wireless Technology Overview
AR60/AR60X AdaptRate Gigabit Wireless Link
GE60/GE60X Gigabit Wireless Link
FE60/FE60X 100Mbps Wireless Link
GigaLink 6221/6421/6451
Airebeam 60 Product Line

AirPair Configurations 

The AirPair product line can be deployed in a mesh, hub or point-point configuration. The desired configuration will depend largely on the target application. The entire AirPair value set is realized in all of these configurations. This includes high capacity, native IP transport, scalability, ultra-low latency, and support for TDM services. Any of three or any mix of three AirPair products (AirPair 50, AirPair 100, AirPair Flex) can be deployed in each of these configurations. A network can also be deployed with any combination of these configurations, as suited for the applications. The three configurations available are:

 AirPair Mesh_0904 AirPair Hub & Spoke_0904

 AirPair Point-to-Point_0106






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