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Airebeam 60 Product Line

The AirPair Hub Configuration

The AirPair Hub configuration enables rapid deployment from a single tower site to over 30 customer sites. The hub configuration includes a multi-antenna housing with capacity for up to 4 antennas. The Hub configuration can be especially valuable with an area license, where an area license and tower space can be used to enable rapid deployment to any customer site within a 10 Km radius. The Hub configuration can also be deployed with pt-pt licenses or unlicensed spectrum.

The AirPair Hub configuration enables industry leading:

  • Capacity per Customer (up to 100 Mbps)       
  • Eliminates cell-cell loss associated with LMDS       
  • Low initial cost scales with revenue       
  • Rapid deployment to any customer site 

The Hub configuration provides ultra-low latency, high throughput native IP connectivity, as well as support for TDM services. The AirPair Hub can be deployed for rapid service in the following applications:

  • IP Backhaul       
  • T1/E1 Backhaul       
  • Wireless IP Backhaul

AirPair Hub & Spoke_0904

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