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AirPair Indoor/Outdoor Split

AirPair IDU_0904

The AirPair platform was designed from the ground up to meet the critical requirements demanded by service providers. The AirPair modem (which provides the interface between the Ethernet connection and the radio) is available in either an indoor or outdoor packaging option.

The AirPair Indoor Unit (IDU) is designed for a split indoor/outdoor mounting, with simple installation. The IDU provides the user with an on the ground craft interface and LED indicators to aid system diagnostics. In the IDU configuration, the radio and antenna will be mounted outdoors, and the modem is mounted indoors. The modem and radio communicate with one another via a low-loss coaxial cable such as LMR-400. The AirPair system provides auto-compensation to determine cable loss and will adjust power levels accordingly.

The IDU is designed in a compact package, and is mountable in a standard 19” rack (1U high space), allowing the user to mount the modem in a standard telecom space with other network equipment. All user connections and LEDs are on the IDU, including the craft interface and user data interface.


Dimensions4.3 cm x 25.4 cm x 42.5 cm; 4.1 kg
1.7 in x 10 in x 16.7 in; 9 lbs 


PowerDual 48V
Payload (+ Inband NMS)RJ45 (1000/100 BaseT) or MM Fiber
Craft TerminalRS 232
IF CableN-Type Connector
NMS (when out-of-band)RJ45 (10 BaseT)

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