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System Overview

FibeAir 1500P provides wireless high-capacity digital transmission over short, medium and long distances, in a variety of network capacities, frequencies and modulation schemes.

FibeAir 1500P Outdoor Units (ODUs) are used for short to medium haul applications and operate in the entire frequency range of 6-38 GHz. FibeAir 1500HP RFUs (RF Units) are used for long haul applications, operate in the frequency range of 6-11 GHz and can be installed outdoors in a split-mount configuration or all-indoor in a standard rack.

A typical FibeAir 1500P configuration includes an Indoor Unit (IDU) consisting of a compact 1U chassis with two independent traffic modules, a single control unit for both modules, an ODU and an antenna.

The two independent, hot-swappable carriers can be used for protection, diversity or double capacity. High spectral efficiency is ensured by choosing the same frequency for double the capacity, whereby both carriers are used for vertical and horizontal polarization, implemented by the built-in XPIC mechanism. A 2U IDU that can host up to four carriers is available for optimized protected configurations using XPIC and space diversity.

The FibeAir 1500P system can easily upgrade TDM capacities of 45 to 622 Mbps or Ethernet throughput from 50 up to 800 Mbps, using the same 1U IDU. The two independent modules in the 1U chassis can each deliver 45 to 311 Mbps for PDH/SDH/SONET or 50 to 400 Mbps throughput for Ethernet traffic, optimizing the solution for every network topology and configuration.

Supported topologies include point-to-point, ring, star, mesh and cascaded chain. In East-West configurations (ring and cascaded topologies) one carrier is directed to the East and the other to the West, reducing equipment and resource requirements in each node, which in turn, increases network efficiency.

Protected configurations for FibeAir 1500P include 1+1/2+2 HSB and 1+1 HSB with space or frequency diversity and with optional XPIC, Cross Polarization Interference Canceller mechanism. The hitless/errorless protection mechanism, provides superior resilience. Network protection schemes include SNCP/UPSR (e.g. 2+0 East-West configurations) and MSP 1+1. All traffic-affecting circuitry has inherent redundancy.

Seamless Integration
FibeAir can seamlessly integrate in any SDH/SONET, IP and ATM network, while supporting a wide variety of Ethernet and TDM interfaces, including nxE1/DS1, nxDS3, nxSTM-1/OC-3, STM-4/OC-12, nxFE and GbE. This enables network designers to meet growing market needs, including integration of current and next generation technologies, using the same radio equipment.

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