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Private Networks

The communication needs of modern private networks require higher capacities and better integration capabilities. Converging data, voice, and video streams to a single platform, and simplifying the deployment and maintenance process of such networks are major issues for any IT manager.

We provide private network operators with broadband wireless systems, which constitute a faster, more reliable, and cost effective solution. FibeAir family of products offers high-speed private network connectivity, integrated LAN and PABX interconnection, and multi-site VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).

FibeAir high-capacity broadband wireless radios provide solutions for a broad scope of networks ranging from Fast Ethernet and ATM interconnection to Gigabit Ethernet.

Why FibeAir for Private Networks?

  • Ultra-high speed data, video, and voice, at 100 Mbps, STM-1, 2xSTM-1 and up to 622 Mbps            
  • Fast and reliable network installation            
  • Cost-effective            
  • Provides network security            
  • Voice and data convergence            
  • Enables independence from local service providers            
  • Flexible, considers future site relocation            
  • Scalable single-box solution
Fast Ethernet Interconnection

Whether your LAN spans two buildings or more, the FibeAir system is your ideal solution. 

In every campus, the network manager needs to ensure fast data transport, network security, and maximum availability. Where the network includes multiple corporate LANs per department, network security is achieved by connecting different departments or users on different LAN interfaces. To increase the level of security, FibeAir is the only system that provides built-in, high level DES encryption functionality for maximum protection of transmitted data. To meet the strictest availability needs, FibeAir supports a wide variety of frequencies and modulation schemes.

FibeAir’s modular design enables customers to choose from a combination of Fast Ethernet and TDM based interfaces (E3/DS3 and E1s/T1s), such as a single Fast Ethernet with a DS3/E3 port, Fast Ethernet and 8xE1s, or two Fast Ethernet ports. Traffic is maximized for all data, video, and voice communications, with two Fast Ethernet interfaces that dynamically share the bandwidth.

The FibeAir product family offers additional redundant configurations for a dual building connection, and self-healing ring and mesh architectures for multiple connections.

Many companies have chosen our broadband wireless solutions to guarantee a secure, fast, and reliable infrastructure. Instant high-capacity connectivity is achieved with a point-to-point, end-to-end multiple wireless Fast Ethernet channel and T1/E1 (10Base-T) wayside connection over the same radio link.

Fast Ethernet Interconnection_0605

Wireless ATM Solutions

FibeAir systems are optimally designed for microwave ATM transmission. With advanced algorithms to minimize cell loss (CLR) and cell mis-insertion (CMR), Airlinx's cell loss ratio has been proven to be 10 times lower than other wireless solutions. Along with these enhanced error-correction mechanisms, FibeAir's intelligent network elements ensure optimum performance and fiber-like quality transmission.

Many enterprises have private ATM networks based on high-speed 155 or 622 Mbps ATM switches and a PABX requiring T1/E1 connectivity. FibeAir systems provide campuses with high-capacity connectivity, with point-to-point, end-to-end wireless ATM and T1/E1 wayside connections over the same radio link.

Wireless ATM Solutions_0605


In expanding private networks where multiple buildings require data and voice connectivity, FibeAirâ„¢ convergence systems provide the right networking solution for the communication needs.

FibeAir networking systems provide a complete private network solution offering protection and voice and data integration in a corporate Intranet environment. And as the site grows, wireless links can be connected to form a full ring, adding redundancy and bandwidth to the network.

Vertical Markets

  • Education
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Utility
  • Public Service Institutions

High Capacity Broadband Wireless Networking Solution

FibeAir Family provides:

  • High capacity connectivity from 100 to 622 Mbps
  • Single platform for voice and data traffic
  • Scalability to grow network according to bandwidth demand 
  • Supreme network reliability and availability
  • Improved security
  • Future proof, high-end technology 
  • Fast to deploy and relocate
  • Cost effective
  • Suitable for both short and long distances 

The Challenge

Today's educational institutions are challenged to offer LAN to LAN connectivity, students Internet access and value-added services while ensuring campus network security. They require high speed connectivity to support complete service solutions that enhance student and faculty productivity. Examples include distance learning, electronic libraries and on-line research communities.

Demand for Higher Bandwidth

Educational organizations require powerful networking platforms for:

  • Broadband connectivity          
  • Increased volume of traffic          
  • Connection to Internet 2 backbone          
  • Responsive IT infrastructure for data, video and voice applications          
  • High speed Internet access          
  • Modern digital libraries          
  • Research communities          
  • Remote research /experiments          
  • Data immersion/digital reality          
  • E-learning          
  • Conferencing capabilities          
  • Collaboration (data/video)

The Challenge

E-business and on-line banking has had fundamental impacts on the finance industry. Web-based customer access, lower transaction costs, and new entrants have all challenged the industry and at the same time created new opportunities.

Today's leading-edge financial institutions are shifting from transaction-based customer interactions to relationship-based customer interactions and a completely different set of performance metrics. This shift will make creating business strategies that foster customer loyalty the top business priority across multiple service delivery channels (over the web, over the telephone, via fax/chat/e-mail or in person).

Demand for Higher Bandwidth

The following functions require powerful networking platforms:

  • High capacity connectivity between bank buildings          
  • Common databases          
  • Trading transactions          
  • Secured voice and data networks          
  • Remote access of electronic archives          
  • Enhanced professionals productivity          
  • Dedicated communication for video/telephony and video conferencing
The Challenge

Today's modern health care institutions are challenged to deliver fast and high-quality health care services while remaining cost effective. As a result, an emphasis is being placed on preventative, diagnostic and non-invasive procedures that may consist of data, voice and video transmission demands, which require large and sophisticated networks.

Health care organizations are incorporating clinical support activities using leading medical equipment and technology. These include local and remote office activity, logistics, services, billing, education and research.

Demand for Higher Bandwidth

The following functions require powerful networking platforms:

  • Imaging          
  • Telemedicine/Tele consulting          
  • Administration/Billing          
  • Archiving          
  • Education          
  • Remote monitoring          
  • Logistics

The Challenge

Utility companies require high data transport volume to ensure high reliability and low latency connections for a wide variety of voice, video and data services.

Equipped with large budgets, gas, electricity, oil as well as offshore companies are looking for high-end technology oriented solutions in order to maintain the fast growing demand for broadband services. These independent, large geographically distributed organizations usually operate out of standard communication infrastructure reach and hence need alternative networking solutions that are scalable, secure and easy to deploy and relocate.

Demand for Higher Bandwidth

The following functions require powerful networking platforms:

  • Exploration          
  • Operations          
  • Production          
  • Processing          
  • Distribution          
  • Transport          
  • Logistics          
  • Services 
Public Service Institutions

Municipalities, government offices and public service providers require secure, cost-effective communication networks in order to provide modern services for their communities.

Connecting service provider facilities with high-capacity communication pipes enables the provision of fast services and immediate access to public information databases.

The FibeAir system enables the convergence of both voice and data services, and facilitates quick and smooth connection of new facilities in the existing network. Compared to fiber connections, wireless communication can be established faster (only a few hours) and can reduce network cost significantly. In addition, new facilities can have immediate access to the existing LAN and PABX.

Since they provide highly reliable, high bandwidth connections to support ATM and IP-based data communications, FibeAir products are ideal solutions for campuses, both as primary connections and backup links to fiber lines.

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