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FibeAir 1500A/1528A

Built-in ADM


  • Optimized carrier class wireless-wireline solution for cellular and service providers

  • Two modulation options: 16 QAM FibeAir 1500A, high system gain 128 QAM FibeAir 1528A, high spectral efficiency

  • Operates in 6-38 GHz frequency bands and complies with FCC, ETSI and ARIB standards

  • Fiber-like performance

  • Provides up to 32 T1/E1 tributary interfaces and up to 2 x STMx1 per site, optical and/or radio aggregate

  • Path protection and network synchronization in accordance with SDH standards

  • External synchronization inputs/outputs

  • Unique SNMP-based element and network management

FibeAir 1500A/1528A is uniquely designed with a built-in ADM (Add-Drop Multiplexer). This design is a one-box solution for 155 Mbps multiplexed data transmission, capable of integration with other vendor equipment using the SDH data transfer protocol. FibeAir 1500A/1528A offers a fiber-like quality, OC-3/STM-1 wireless ring operating in 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23, 26, 28, 32 and 38 GHz frequency bands. The built-in ADM complies with SDH standards, and is designed to integrate in any network using existing ADMs. The system supports path protection functionality, and implements In-Band Management for seamless integration in the network.

The FibeAir 1500A/1528A system consists of an In-Door-Unit (IDU), an Out-Door Unit (ODU), a high performance antenna, and management software. FibeAir’s internal SNMP agent allows for easy integration with standard network management systems. CeraViewTM, the SNMP based GUI element manager, and PolyViewTM, the open interface network management software, run on Windows 95/98/2000/NT and over HP OpenView platforms (Windows or Unix).

Single FibeAir 1500A-1528A_0904
Fiber-Radio: Single FibeAir 1500A/1528A
Most networks today are based on fiber and radio sections. In a site where fiber meets radio, one FibeAir 1500A/1528A is installed with one radio interface and one OC3/STM-1 optical connection to the network. Up to 16 T1/E1 tributaries can be dropped in this configuration.

FibeAir Single 1500A-1528A and Regenerator_0904
Radio-Radio: Single FibeAir 1500A/1528A and Regenerator FibeAir 1500/1528
In a fiberless site, FibeAir 1500A/1528A can be installed together with FibeAir 1500/1528 radio units to provide up to 16 T1/E1 tributaries and east-west wireless connectivity.

Double FibeAir 1500A-1528A_0904
Radio-Radio: Double FibeAir 1500A/1528A 
When more than 16 T1/E1 tributaries are required in a fiberless site, two FibeAir 1500A/1528A units can be installed to provide up to 32 T1/E1 tributaries and east-west wireless connectivity.

Double FibeAir 1500A-1528A_2_0904
Fiber-Fiber: Double FibeAir 1500A/1528A 
When fiber connections exist, FibeAir 1500A/1528A can be installed as a 32 T1/E1 wireline ADM.

Typical Application

FibeAir 1500A/1528A supports ring topolgies, with full add-drop functionailty and ring path protection. As a standard ADM, the ring can include a mixture of FibeAir and other vendor equipment. FibeAir’s standard In-Band Management capability, enables management of external equipment and FibeAir products within the SDH network. External synchronization outputs are used to synchronize external equipment with the SDH network.

FibeAir 1500A/1528A also supports cascaded topologies with and without radio protection, and enables a “highway” type network that drops T1s/E1s in each node.

FibeAir 1500A-1528A Family_0904

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