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Mobile Cellular Infrastructure

Cellular carriers around the world are consistently growing their subscriber base. At the same time, emerging technologies such as GPRS and UMTS are being implemented to enable carriers to provide new content-rich applications.

During this mobile cellular network evolution, end-user bandwidth demand increases generated by these new applications will be directly reflected on both the access and core portions of cellular networks. To handle these capacity increases & enable voice and data services to be carried in an efficient manner over a converged network, cellular carriers are migrating their network from medium capacity PDH backhaul to high capacity SDH-based rings.

Offering a smooth migration path from GSM to GPRS and UMTS, our flexible high-capacity wireless access and core network solutions support multiple capacity levels, transmission protocols and frequency bands.

Based on the field-proven technology of FibeAir product family, we introduced the industry’s first fixed wireless system with a built-in add/drop SONET/SDH multiplexer (ADM). This unique networking device enables efficient and fast network migration while reducing the complexity and cost of today’s cellular ring infrastructures.

Built-in ADM is a one-box (1U) solution for OC-3/STM-1 (155 Mbps) multiplexed data transmission, operating in the 6-38 GHz frequency bands. The system provides up to 32 T1/E1 tributary interfaces per site and can be used in pure SONET/SDH wireless networks or in mixed (wired and wireless) networks. The system supports path protection in ring topologies and implements in-band management for seamless integration. 

Why FibeAir for Cellular/3G (UMTS)? 

  • Cost-Effective 

- Built-in access multiplexer and SDH add-drop multiplexer

- Spectrally efficient system, with 16, 32, 64, 128 256 QAM modulation

- Cost-effective system upgrading

  • Future-Proof 

- SONET/SDH, ATM, and IP data can be transmitted over the same FibeAir system, enabling upgrade from one protocol to another without system replacent

- Capacity upgrade plan: 155 Mbps -> 311 Mbps -> 622 Mbps

- Upgrading is done at low cost and requires minimal installation time and effort.

  • Flexibility

- Range of frequencies: 6-38 GHz

- Multiple Modulation schemes: 16, 32, 64, 128 256 QAM modulation

- Variety of network interfaces: OC-3/STM-1, RF N-Type,
Optical Single/Multi Mode, E1/T1 Tributary, STM-1 Tributary

- Support worldwide standards: ETSI/FCC/ARIB

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance 

- FibeAir systems are installed and operable in a short time

- SNMP-based element and network management

- Complete link protection

- No external switch is required

2G/2.5G/3G (UMTS)

For over a decade, cellular networks have utilized fixed wireless connectivity between sites and base stations as a quick, flexible and cost-effective alternative to wireline solutions. With more than one million cell sites worldwide, this multi-billion dollar global market is rapidly evolving.

For GSM networks, FibeAir offers a quick and cost-effective transmission solution by aggregating voice traffic from the BSC Controller to the MSC Switch at 155 Mbps.

As the cellular market migrates to next generation UMTS services the introduction of wireless data traffic will create a need for higher network capacity, particularly in the transmission network. High-capacity wireless systems provide immediate high-capacity connectivity while eliminating the time and cost constraints associated with laying fiber.

FibeAir product family is an optimal high-capacity wireless transmission solution for UMTS cellular networks. Designed from a cellular network perspective, FibeAir uniquely optimizes integrated voice, data and video connectivity over wireless ATM, IP and SONET/SDH networks.

In UMTS networks, FibeAir offers a smooth migration path between circuit-based TDM networks to packet-switched ATM and IP. FibeAir provides 155 Mbps ATM/IP ring connectivity between BTS/Node B base stations and 155-622 Mbps connectivity between BSC controllers. 

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