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FibeAir 1500I/1528I


  • Provides Fast Ethernet with optional T1/E1 capabilities

  • Operates in the millimetric wave frequencies of 6-38 GHz

  • 16 and 128 QAM modulation schemes

  • Automatic TX power control (ATPC)

  • Full throughput at any packet size

  • (1+0) or protected (1+1) configuration

  • Additional 2 Mbps wayside channel and 64 Kbps user channel

  • Compact, easy to deploy, and fully software configurable

  • Complies with FCC, ETSI, ITU-R, ITU-T, and IEEE

  • Java-based SNMP element manager and PolyView open interface network management applications

The FibeAir 1500I/1528I Digital Radio system offers compact, easy to deploy, and cost-effective LAN-to-LAN and PBX connectivity for campus networks, large enterprises, and metro last mile access. The system provides full throughput, full-duplex Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) connectivity with optional T1/E1 capabilities for TDM based trafffic.

The FibeAir 1500I/1528I system uses advanced technologies to efficiently transport Fast Ethernet and telephony payloads with fiber-like quality. Forward Error Correction (FEC) and powerful Digital Signal Processors (DSP) are implemented in the design to ensure low residual BER (<10-13) and high system performance in all weather conditions.

FibeAir 1500I/1528I operates in the 6-38 GHz frequency bands and provides Fast Ethernet with optional T1/E1 capabilities (supports Ethernet (10BaseT) or E1 connections) and a 64 Kbps user channel.

In a FibeAir 1500I/1528I protected (1+1) configuration, two radios are connected to provide redundancy using the same frequency channel.

An affordable solution for private/public network designers, the FibeAir 1500I/1528I system is the ultimate building block for wireless IP networks.

FibeAir 1500I-1528I_0904

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